Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Return to Reverence

How often in your life do you practise reverence? In recent times, I have found myself pondering about this very concept. It all started with my yoga practice.

At minimum, I practise yoga four days each week.  Many people would agree that yoga is the ultimate opportunity to practise reverence. Yet, lately, I was finding that my practice had become very physical, focusing on asana and breath as I eased my body into each posture. My focus was upon stretching, flexing, toning and releasing. I was starting to feel a sense of disconnection within my practice.

As I pondered, I realised I was no longer taking the time to set up my yoga space. I was simply unrolling my mat, grabbing my blocks and straps and doing yoga. Previously, I had always taken time to select my playlist, my oils and incense; to find the best location in my house that offered quietude and space; and to focus upon my intention, retreating within at the beginning of each session. Without even realising it, I had stopped engaging in these rituals.  I then realised, these rituals were my opportunity to tune it to spirit, before commencing my practice. Yet, somehow, I had let them dwindle away.

That is when the notion of reverence popped into my head. Ritual enables reverence. It allows me to tune in to spirit as I mindfully prepare for my practice.

I began to wonder how many opportunities to practise reverence arise in daily life? 
How many of these opportunities do I let pass by unnoticed? 

Simple rituals that occur every day:

The connection of my feet on the earth as I take a step
The sounds of nature around me
Watching my children share a joke
The warm embrace of my partner as he offers support
The students who continually allow me to teach them

With this in mind, I have set an intention to take more time to explore the awe of everyday opportunities.

Within my yoga practice, I now take the time to once again create my space. I am mindful as I transition my body from one pose to the next. I tune into my breath. I create flow.

And I give gratitude.

For all that I have and all that I am.

And in doing so, I practise reverence.

         xx Tracey xx

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